How it Works

  • Getting Started

    Your login will take you to the Design Center where you begin your project set up.

    In the Design Center, go to Rooms and select Add New to put the rooms in your project. Name your rooms according to what is on your blueprints, or what will be the most logical to anyone involved in your project, such as Master Bath, Powder Bath, or Kids Bath. Be sure to use the Room Type function to organize your room list. Add all the rooms you need for your project—either the whole house or just rooms included in the project.

    Tip! - If the exact same selections will be used for more than one room, such as all the secondary bedrooms, you can enter all the selection info for the first room, then use the Duplicate Room function to add the rest of the rooms with all the selection info already entered. If a single selection will be used in all the rooms, such as the ceiling paint color, you can enter the ceiling paint info for one room, then click the duplicate icon to enter that info into a list of rooms that get that same selection.


  • Entering Selections

    In the Design Center, click on one of the 12 finish category icons at the top of the page such as Plumbing, Appliances, or Lighting.

    Click the option to Add New Selection:

    1. Create the name for the selection you are entering. For example: In a kitchen you might have a Main Faucet, Island Faucet, and a Potfiller, so use the name that will specify clearly which item this is. If there is only one faucet, just name it Faucet.
    2. Select the appropriate template category that most closely fits the item you are entering. For example: Faucets and Potfillers would use the same Faucet template. Chandeliers, pendants, and sconces would all use the Decorative Fixture template.
    3. Select the appropriate room from your room list at the bottom of the page.

     Hit Save.

    The form pictured above appears next, prompting you to fill in all the product info necessary to order and install the selection correctly. Enter as much information as you need. Some fields may not be necessary. Additional information and installation instructions can be recorded in the Notes blank.

    Upload a photo to have a visual reminder of your selection.

    Hit Save.

    Now when you click on that room, the product photo and the product summary will appear, creating a design board presentation of all the selections you have made for that room.

    Tip! - To view all the selections made for a room for all the finish categories, go to the Rooms list and click on Selections for that room.


  • Project Users

    The Users function allows you to share your saved selection information with others involved in your project, such as the builder, interior designer, suppliers, and installers.

    There are two options for setting up your Users:

    Make Changes allows the user full access to enter, change, or delete selection information for your project. This is a great way for your interior designer or a supplier to share ideas and selections they have for your project. Once you have set up a Make Changes User, they will receive an email notification providing them with their temporary login info. They can they reset their password.

    View Only allows the user to only view the selection information, providing the product information they need for ordering and installing selections correctly. When a project is created, a View Only User is automatically created that can be used for all contractors. Use the email link to send this login info to all contractors that need View Only access to the selection info for the project.