Why Use ePerfect Project?

ePerfect Project is a web-based design center that allows users to create an online project that is a permanent record of their design selection information, product photos, and installation details that can be accessed and shared from any phone, tablet, or computer. Homeowners, contractors, interior designers--the entire home building team--can have the selection information they need available to them at home, in the showrooms, at the office, and on the construction site.

Every selection chosen for a project needs to be recorded accurately with all the necessary details included in order to:
  • insure the materials are ordered correctly
  • verify the accuracy of the order when it is received
  • get the items installed correctly
  • maintain warranties where they apply
  • facilitate future repairs and maintenance
A simple sign-in allows all the members of the project team to access the product selection information for easy, accurate information sharing. Eliminate job-site confusion and costly mistakes by having all the selection product and installation information available and accessible anytime, anywhere.

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Perfect Project: A How-to Design Guide for Your Home Building Project

This guide shows you how to:
  • Create stunning interiors infused with your personal style
  • Select the perfect finishes for every room
  • Maximize the design potential of your home.
Discover the thought process and planning behind good design decisions for each different finish you will be selecting.

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